Video: house + historic landscape

Posted on Apr 25, 2015 in Architecture, Blog, Houses

This Chicago Magazine video (2008) features a house in Lake Forest, Illinois, designed by Deerpath Farm’s developer, Frederick Phillips. It’s located only ten minutes from the Village of Mettawa, and like the houses at Deerpath Farm, was specifically designed to fit within its natural landscape.

One of the things that we were proud of was that we were able to site this house in a Frederick Law Olmsted landscape without tearing down one single large tree. At the same time we wanted the house to take advantage of its setting within the trees. For that reason we were very generous with the number of windows. We wanted to place windows in areas where the direct views of the landscape were possible, but also through the use of clerestory windows, give my mother and others the experience of seeing trees silouetted against the sky, both in the foreground and background.

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