What’s the ARB?

People_3_Flaticon_10500The Architectural Review Board (ARB) serves as an advocate for the best interest of all Deerpath Farm homeowners.

  • The ARB supports future homeowners by help them discover the inherent potential and possibilities of each particular site, and how it can intersect with their home design dreams and goals.
  • The ARB supports the Deerpath Farm community by ensuring that all homes at Deerpath Farm adhere to high standards for design and construction. This oversight helps protect property values for all homeowners. The ARB also helps to protect each homeowner’s privacy by considering issues such as views and proper siting during the design process.
  • The ARB supports architects and landscape architects by providing the information and support they need to work efficiently at Deerpath Farm.

Working Together

You’ll find that working with the ARB can jump-start your design process. The ARB proactively works with you and your architect to provide valuable insight and knowledge. It’s the ARB’s goal to help your house go from concept to reality in the most efficient and pleasant way possible while meeting the quality standards of Deerpath Farm.

The ARB Approvals Process

  • Predesign: Deerpath Farm requires that you and your architect have a preliminary meeting with the ARB before starting the design process to discuss your site, goals, and ways to optimize the possibiliites.
  • Approvals: Subsequent milestones in the approval process include ARB approval design drawings, bid-set construction plans, and of final construction plans (as submitted for permitting with the Village of Mettawa).
  • During construction: The ARB is happy to work with the supervising architect during construction to review materials and detailing as needed.

Please contact us with any questions, or for more details about the ARB approval process.