About the HOA

People_3_Flaticon_10500The Deerpath Farm Homeowners Association (HOA) includes all Deerpath Farm homeowners and lot owners as members. The HOA’s informal social committee organizes occasional resident get-togethers. The purpose of the HOA is to manage the common space owned by the residents at Deerpath Farm, which includes The Preserve open lands, the walking trails, the main entry way. The road and the parkways and ponds and the Mettawa Trail (the right of ways along the road) are owned by the Village (as Special Service Area 9). Deerpath Farm uniquely maintains control of these areas as the general contractor to the Village.

Annual Meeting: The HOA holds an annual meeting near the end of the calendar year.

Bylaws: The bylaws of the HOA are described in detail in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR) document.

Alliances: The Deerpath Farm HOA maintains a strong relationship with its Preserve Manager, Lake Forest Open Lands Association. The HOA has also been certified by Conserve Lake County‘s Conservation@Home program, and is a member of Chicago Wilderness, a regional alliance leading strategy to preserve, improve, and expand nature and quality of life.


Assessments, taxes, & tax rebate

Assessments: Deerpath Farm residents pay assessments into two funds:

  1. HOA assessments cover front entryway, walking trails, and miscellaneous association costs
  2. Preserve assessments cover the maintenance of The Preserve (140 acres of shared open lands) by Lake Forest Open Lands Association.

Taxes*: Taxes in Mettawa are equivalent to taxes in most other nearby communities. Mettawa residents have a unique opportunity to receive a tax rebate (see below). Deerpath Farm residents are part of the Libertyville School District, and also pay a Village tax to cover road maintenance (see below).

Tax rebate*: Mettawa residents who have lived in their residence for at least two years may be eligible for a Tax Rebate from the Village of Mettawa, which can equal approximately 10% of overall property taxes (the program and its benefits are determined by the Village Board annually). Please contact the Village for details and more information.

Special Service Area #9 tax (SSA9)*: The SSA9 tax is a Village tax unique to Deerpath Farm homeowners, and is included on the Lake County property tax bill. It covers the cost of maintenance to the Village-owned roads (Bennett and Farwell), parkways, Mettawa Trail and ponds. Importantly, the SSA9 tax allows residents to maintain control over the maintenance of these areas: because the HOA is the contractor with the Village, it is able to select its own maintenance subcontractors. Another key advantage to residents from this arrangement: like other property taxes, the SSA9 tax amount may also be deducted from annual personal income taxes (an advantage which would not exist if these expenses were paid through regular HOA dues.)

* This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for consultation with an accounting or tax professional.