Deerpath Farm provides an ideal environment for people who love the outdoors. Residents enjoy birdwatching and gardening at home, and venture onto The Preserve’s ample open lands for onsite nature hikes, running, biking and skiing. Just around the corner: golf clubs, equestrian facilities, canoe launch, dog parks, and more.


Bike_Flaticon_455-64Explore The Preserve and nearby areas on well-maintained trails. It’s possible to ride from Deerpath Farm to the Wisconsin border without leaving the trail system.

  • Private woodchip trails meander through the Deerpath Farm Preserve
  • The Mettawa Trail runs along Deerpath Farm’s southern border and connects with the extensive Des Plaines River Trail system
  • The Des Plaines River Trail runs continuously to the border of Wisconsin, and also continues south into Cook County

Forest preserves

Hiker_Flaticon_10444Deerpath Farm provides ready access to many Lake County Forest Preserves properties, including these within Mettawa borders:

  • Adlai A. Stephenson Historic Home
  • Captain Daniel Wright Woods
  • Grainger Woods Conservation Preserves
  • Half Day Forest Preserve
  • Old School Forest Preserve

Forest Preserves near Deerpath Farm: view larger map

Canoeing & kayaking


Dog exercise park


Birdwatching & native landscaping

Songbird64_Flaticon_2511Uncommon birds and beautiful native flowers fill the landscape here. The rich eco-system provides food and shelter for birds, and ample eye-candy for birders. Many residents enjoy landscaping with native plants. … more

Horseback riding

Horse_Flaticon_32963Mettawa’s proud heritage as an equestrian-friendly village has produced world-class riders and horses. The Village includes many riding facilities:







  • Old School Forest Preserve


Other fitness & sport facilities