Deerpath Farm Picnic 1965

Deerpath Farm began in 1922 as a Lake Forest family’s countryside retreat and thriving dairy farm. In the late 1930’s it was purchased by 186px-Dana_hull_photo_portraitEdward H. Bennett (the co-author of the 1909 Plan of Chicago with Daniel Burnham), who also left it in a natural state. The Bennett family’s civic planning heritage and long-standing love of Deerpath Farm’s natural beauty inspired the rare conservation community now enjoyed by residents and visitors.


In the 1980s, Bennett’s son, Ted Bennett, Jr., and step-grandson, Frederick Phillips, also both architects, created the initial plans for a pioneering residential development designed to preserve the tall trees and sweeping views. In the 1990s, Stephen Christy, then the Director of Lake Forest Open Lands Association (LFOLA), began working with the family to restore the land to its original beauty.

Today, Deerpath Farm is a premier conservation residential development, featuring pristine open lands and the finest building lots for luxury residential homebuilding. The beauty and peacefulness of the neighborhood reflects the careful planning of Frederick Phillips, Stephen Christy and Greengard, Inc.


Residents, visitors, and conservation experts agree that Deerpath Farm is one of Lake County’s precious jewels. The Preserve contains 140 acres of resident-owned open lands managed and protected by LFOLA, and includes rare stands of white oaks, prairies and wetlands. The historic long views here will stay free and open forever.