Questions about Deerpath Farm

What is Deerpath Farm?
Deerpath Farm is a uniquely beautiful place to build your home: a conservation community 30 miles north of Chicago offering fully improved wooded lots for sale. The 200 acres here include 140 acres of private and protected open lands. Quality standards protect each homeowner’s privacy and views, and ensure excellent construction. This family-owned business has historic roots in the Lake Forest and Chicago communities, and stems from intriguing architectural and landscaping legacies.
What is a conservation community?
A conservation community enables people and nature to live in harmony. Residential conservation developments such as Deerpath Farm integrate the native landscape as much as possible, often using conservation easements to permanently protect the land against future development, and providing opportunities for their residents to live in an unusually beautiful natural environment.
Do you build custom homes?
Custom home-lot packages are offered by Icon Development at Deerpath Farm: 847-773-1200
How big are the homesites? Are they ready to build?
Each lot is about an acre, ready to build, and provides access to 140 acres of private open lands (making each lot the approximate equivalent of five acres). Learn more
Any houses for sale now?
Yes, sometimes there are houses for sale at Deerpath Farm. Other houses may be listed for sale before they are built. The best way to get the house you want at Deerpath Farm is to choose a plan and/or work with your architect to create a custom house.
Can we use our own architect and builder?
Yes. Deerpath Farm welcomes the architect and builder of your choice. Learn more
Are model houseplans available?
Yes. Deerpath Farm offers many pre-designed house plans for the exclusive use of lot buyers. Learn more
Do Deerpath Farm residents really own the open lands?
Yes. The 140 acre Preserve is actually owned by the Deerpath Farm Homeowner’s Association, of which every homeowner is a member. This is different than other similar developments which own small portions of open space and/or are adjacent to parcels owned by public bodies such as the Forest Preserve District. The Preserve’s open lands are always available for the use of Deerpath Farm residents and their guests. Learn more
How do I know that the open lands are really safe from development?
The Deerpath Farm Preserve is protected by a conservation easement, which affords it a much stronger protection than a zoning district or a forest preserve district. The open lands here will remain undeveloped in perpetuity due to “unbreakable” legal documents filed with Lake County.
What is the Village of Mettawa? Where is it?
The Village of Mettawa is one of the North Shore’s best kept secrets. It’s a quiet rural community with fewer than 600 residents, acres of open space and many horses, located just west of Lake Forest, Illinois (north of Lincolnshire and south of Green Oaks, east of Libertyville and Vernon Hills). This home-rule community offers residents a tax rebate. Learn more at
Tax rebate? Tell me more!
All residents who have lived in the Village of Mettawa for one year are eligible for a tax rebate (for taxes paid to the Village in the prior year). Taxes in Mettawa are comparable to those in most other nearby communities. For more details, visit
Do homeowners pay dues?
Yes. Homeowner Association dues are $75/month and Preserve dues are $130/month. Learn more
How's the stormwater drainage?
Deerpath Farm is the best-drained area in Mettawa, and was awarded “2006 Development of the Year” by Lake County Stormwater Management. Expertly engineered wetlands drainage and detention ponds handle stormwater, and a natural stream also leads to the Des Plaines River.
How can we reserve a lot?
You may reserve a lot prior to purchase with a $10,000 deposit. Please contact us for more information.
After we buy, how soon must we build?
There is no requirement to begin building within a specific time period after purchase.