The Deerpath Farm logo was designed by Jeff Carlson (illustration) & Aimee Lesatz Grover (graphic design). The logo is based on the original Deerpath Farm ironwork sign, which was designed and created by blacksmith artist Ernst Hagerstrom in the 1930s. Stephen Christy created drawings of the original sign by comparing its physical remnants with hand-tracings of the sign’s outlines taken from film footage shot by Edward H. Bennett, Jr. in the 1930s or 40s. At that time time, black iron signs like this one graced many country estates in our area.

Our logo represents the major phases of history in the Deerpath Farm’s story. The Ayeshire cow (from the original sign) represents the proud farming background of this area, both prior to and during its use as a country retreat. The long history – and future – of the native landscape is represented by tall trees framing the image in the foreground and background. The present time is represented by the flying ducks who have returned to the land after its restoration and subsequent transformation into a conservation development.

Most importantly, our logo provides a local sense of identity which can be embraced by the larger community. Even if you forget the name “Deerpath Farm,” you may remember “that beautiful place with the cow on the sign.” It is our hope that our logo, and the long views across our open lands, provide a window into the experience of these rare rural lands.