Acorn_Flaticon_9850-64“I can’t believe how beautiful it is here,” visitors often gasp when they first experience Deerpath Farm. Open lands are an integral part of the lifestyle, and each homesite boasts beautiful views. This conservation community includes 140 acres of resident-owned, preserved and restored native landscape. Majestic oaks rise from wide-open prairies, and the land goes on and on. The Deerpath Farm Preserve is managed by Lake Forest Open Lands.




Landscape Goals

HandLeaf_Flaticon_25166Deerpath Farm is a conservation development. Residents enjoy the native landscape, and can participate in the its preservation. … more

The Preserve

Grass_Flaticon_1534-64The open lands lifestyle is alive and well at Deerpath Farm. Residents benefit from the exclusive use and ownership of 140 acres of open lands. …  more


HandLeaf_Flaticon_25166The breathtaking beauty of Deerpath Farm grows out of its native landscape, which can be enjoyed today thanks to careful stewardship. Lake Forest Open Lands Association cares for The Preserve at Deerpath Farm. … more

Songbirds and wildflowers

Songbird64_Flaticon_2511Many uncommon songbirds and wildflowers flourish here in savannas, woodlands, prairies, and wetlands. … more

Conservation resources

Houseleaves_Flaticon_34799Learn more about landscaping with native plants, local conservation organizations, and the fight against invasive species. …more



Sunflowers in open lands

White egret

Blue Vervain

Wetland trail